Caroline and Yannick

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At the neonatal unit, we would look at the baby photos on the wall in the hallway, trying to find a baby born as prematurely as ours, to reassure ourselves and say that they might make it. We’re parents to four preemies, so we’ve faced this situation more than once. Four pregnancies, four preemies. Three are alive today, because we lost a little girl who lived five hours. Every single time, we felt anxious and powerless. We were bombarded with information that it was our duty to understand, because we wanted to know everything! Today, after everything we’ve been through, we have three wonderful, energetic, charming boys that bring us great joy. Our eldest (born at 31 weeks) is finishing his second year of high school this year, and is one of the top students in his class. Our four-year-old (born at 28 weeks) is a bundle of energy with a heart of gold! And our youngest (born at 27 weeks) is still a baby and quite simply adorable.