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Some services offered by the CLSC in your region could help you:

  • Breast pump loan
  • Financial assistance for the movement of users (in regions far from major centers)

The terms and availability vary from region to region. Consult the following link: Find a CLSC

Breastfeeding Support 

The IBCLC lactation consultants are health workers who have met the eligibility requirements and have passed an international exam. They have the skills and knowledge to bring quality breastfeeding support to babies and mothers. They work in hospitals, CLSCs, community organizations, pharmacies, specialized breastfeeding clinics, private clinics and also make home visits. 

Consult the following link: Find an IBCLC

Child health and development 

The magazine Mieux Agir au Quotidien aims to inform families about the development of children aged 0 to 2 born prematurely or sick at birth. The advice and information it contains can be put into practice when the child is born, at the neonatal care unit, and then when they return home. 

With Mieux Agir au Quotidien, you will get to know and understand your child’s behavior better. The proposed activities aim to positively stimulate its development. 

This site brings together five major modules which are based on scientific data. It offers practical advice adapted to the realities of premature babies or those who have spent time in neonatal intensive care. 

Consult the site by clicking here

Care of our Children 

The Care of Our Children site provides information to parents about the health and well-being of their children and youth. Since the site is developed by the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS) – the voice of more than 3,300 Canadian pediatricians – you can be assured of the reliability of the information it contains. 

Consult the site by clicking here.

Parental leave 

The Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) provides for the payment of benefits to all eligible workers – salaried and self-employed – who take maternity, paternity, parental or parental leave for adoption. 

Consult the QPIP site by clicking here.