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When life is especially difficult, the notion of mutual support takes on new meaning. If your financial situation becomes critical, Préma-Québec can give you a helping hand.

Whatever your financial needs, contact us. We will be pleased to help you out with transportation/ parking fees, breast pump rental, or anything else. All financial requests are carefully considered, in complete confidentiality. We know that parents must deal with many costs when they have a preemie in the hospital.

How to make a request

Please note that one-time financial assistance is provided only in exceptional cases that meet certain criteria. Assistance also depends on the number of requests received by the organization and the financial resources available.

You should discuss your situation with Préma-Québec staff by telephone. After your call, if your request is accepted for our consideration, please fill out the form below:

Application form for one-time assistance

Did you know?

Did you know that there is a financial supplement for premature children? After countless efforts by Préma-Québec and the province’s neonatologists, Retraite Québec (formerly the Régie des rentes du Québec) relaxed the criteria for the supplement for handicapped children to include cases of prematurity. This measure means that premature children born at 28 weeks or earlier (or weighing 1000 grams or less) are eligible for an allowance during two years. Obviously, being born premature is not considered a handicap as such. The application form is called by this title to cover the broadest possible number of Quebec children with special needs. Ask the doctors, nurses and social workers for more information.

There are also special employment insurance for Family caregiver benefit for children (FCBC), which includes babies born prematurely before the 33nd week.

Ask the doctors, nurses and social workers for more information.

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