November 17 is World Prematurity Day

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Activities and special events will be held across the globe. 

Préma-Québec’s objective is to create understanding on prematurity and its issues. Remember that one in ten children is born prematurely in the world. Many are affected by prematurity: preemies and their parents, but also grandparents, siblings, friends, caregivers, colleagues… 

Let’s mark World Prematurity Day by raising awareness… 

Please help us highlight the World Prematurity Day! Préma-Québec is asking everyone to take steps to ensure that important buildings in the country are illuminated in purple in honor of preemies and their parents. 

If you have contacts with officials of buildings already equipped with light systems, we invite you to solicit them and inform us of your efforts. We have seen in the past, the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Niagara Falls and the CN Tower in Toronto bathed in purple light. This year, let’s work together to make this day visually memorable! If you want to highlight the World Prematurity Day in your area, go for an outdoor light purple and light it on November 17! 

Contact us to get an official purple illumination solicitation letter.