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Your generosity goes far!

$25 gives a family an information kit.
$50 lets us offer a grieving kit and a meeting with a Perinatal Grief Counsellor.
$125 funds breast pump rental for a month.
$200 covers monthly hospital parking costs for one family.
$300 pays for one month’s accommodation at Ronald McDonald House.
$6 000 allows fundraising walks to be held across the province on Quebec Prematurity Day.
$10 000 covers average expenses incurred by parents during their baby’s hospital stay.
$15 000 brings together healthcare professionals and parents at a conference.
$150 000 guarantees that 6,000 welcome kits (the kit includes a comfort blanket) will be distributed throughout the year to families dealing with prematurity.
$300 000 allows 1,000 parents of very premature babies to be at their bedside for a month by reducing the fixed costs involved in an extended hospital stay.

When you give to Préma-Québec, you help improve premature children’s quality of life. Préma-Québec carries out its mission by providing psychological and financial support to parents of preemies, because having a strong parent at the baby’s bedside significantly reduces the time spent in hospital.

Services at neonatal units

Donations collected by Préma-Québec go mainly to helping parents whose children are hospitalized in level-three neonatal units, which care for very premature babies born between 23 and 32 weeks, and those born between 32 and 37 weeks who have experienced major complications. Préma-Québec is in the neonatal units every month to hold discussion groups.

Préma-Québec plays a role in all areas of a preemie family’s life: at the hospital, at home, socializing, on the public stage, and through financial aid, guidance and emotional support, an information service, art therapy workshops, massage therapy, “giving back” support groups, breastfeeding consultations, an end-of-life service and bereavement support.

Returning home

The money given by generous donors allows Préma-Québec to help parents cover the costs of renting medical equipment that they’ll require once at home. Thanks to our helpline, parents can also continue to receive our guidance and emotional support. The return home can be very worrying for parents, who find themselves alone with a fragile baby after months of being surrounded by medical specialists.

Training and information for healthcare professionals

Préma-Québec has also set itself the mandate of raising awareness about the issues and reality of prematurity, both among the general public and among healthcare professionals who play a crucial role in premature children’s lives. Nurses, social workers, inhalation therapists, pediatricians and any other professionals involved with prematurity attend our annual conferences and our webinars.