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Virtual walk with Préma-Québec!

From the very first moments of his life, a premature baby is connected to all kinds of machines that can initially worry us and then later reassure us. Everyone who has experienced prematurity is marked by these events. Most come through them stronger.

To highlight Quebec Prematurity Day, Préma-Québec invites you to join us on a symbolic virtual walk. The Walk for Preemies is Préma-Québec’s province-wide annual fundraising event.

To guide you in this new personal fundraising challenge, Préma-Québec has a box of tools at your disposal that will help you reach your goal. See our Toolbox.

For more information, please contact 1 888 651-4909 or

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How to collect donations

The golden rule of fundraising is simple: to raise money, you need to ask for it.

So spread the word!

Add a personal touch to your request.

Tell your story. How is your life affected by prematurity?

Ask everyone you know.

Extend your campaign beyond family and friends. Ask neighbours, colleagues, your doctor, trainer, grocer… In other words, everyone with whom you’re in touch regularly.

Ask for a lot.

If you ask someone for $100, he may give that amount, or $75 or $50. In any case, don’t be afraid to set the bar high.

Ask with confidence.

You’re not asking for money for your own pleasure. You’re asking for funding to help parents of premature children who need financial and emotional support to make it through a very difficult ordeal.

$200 in five days

Five minutes a day for five days will do the trick.

Follow the steps below. Use the templates and tools on our website, and you’ll be a champion fundraiser in no time!

 Day 1  Ask a family member to give $30.

 Day 2  Ask a colleague to support you with a $30 gift.

 Day 3  Ask your employer for a business donation of $100.

 Day 4  Ask five people you’ve met at an activity, at your child’s school, or at your fitness centre to give $5 each.

 Day 5  Ask five neighbours to give $5 each.


  • Ask two stores that regularly receive your business to give $30. Your cleaner, hair salon, or favourite café are possibilities. Businesses often support their regular customers.
  • Ask your employer to match the total amount that you’ve raised.
  • Spread the word on social media, and you may be surprised to see who is ready to back you.


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