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Every year, people decide to give back by organizing activities that benefit Préma-Québec.

We are pleased to make their task easier, by providing promotional materials, highlighting their activity and helping them as best we can.

Please contact us for more information.


Émile’s brew

Simon Vaillancourt, father of Émile, born at 26 weeks, came up with the idea of crafting two beers in collaboration with Du Lièvre and Le Trèfle Noir microbreweries. This initiative resulted in a $4,200 donation to Préma-Québec.



Préma-Québec applauds the creativity of Cynthia Boily and Benoit Duchesne, parents of a little girl born at 29 weeks. Working with Sissi Je Recycle, they made 76 tuques and 30 bibs. In a single week, $575 in profits was raised for Préma-Québec, as part of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Hats off to the couple, and thank you!



Mélissa Doyon, a high-school student, decided to organize a zumbathon to collect money for Préma-Québec. In all, the event raised $1,000 for the association.